NaNoWriMo update

For those taking part in the NaNoWriMo competition we have to include a blurb detail of what the soon-to-be written novel will be. This is mine for Tiberius Bound

“Daniel Henstock dares to think that his life will return to ‘normal’ – his enemy (as far as he knows) is dead, the shadowy government organisation are no longer looking for him and his relationship with Eleanor is blossoming. But on the evening of the High School Ball Daniel discovers that the peace and quiet he wanted has been shattered. Gregory Dryden is killing off his enemies and Daniel is next on the list.

However Daniel realises – too late – that danger lies much closer to home.

Once again Daniel must fight to not only save himself but also protect those he cares for, and he has to make some difficult decisions along the way.”


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