The best Bond?

Maybe. I’d give Skyfall  8.5/10.

And it only loses the 1.5 because I thought it was a little laboured at a few points particularly about 10 minutes in, which is odd considering it was written by Bond stalwarts Neil Purvis & Robert Wade, along with John Logan. No Paul Haggis this time, so I’m wondering what happened there …

The opening was all that you’d expect; Big, bold and … well, Bond, and probably had a budget similar to many regular 90-minute features. Daniel Craig was spot on as 007 – no shock there – as was everyone else involved, especially the cameo roles. He gave a fantastic performance that was littered with as much self-doubt as brash confidence, and gave the character a new vulnerable side. But Bond is only as good as his enemy, and Javier Bardem gave what is perhaps the scariest portrayal of a Bond villain – certainly the campest, in a uber-creepy way. The ‘nod’ to ex-villain Jaws was a disturbingly unnerving piece of special effects.

Dame Judi’s M featured heavily in the storyline and she carried it off with her usual aplomb. The ending,despite being a touch telegraphed, was handled with care and integrity.

Overall, I would have preferred to have seen a little less ‘talking’ which would have kept the pace up to what a Bond film should be. And with Criag signed up to do two more films it looks like the franchise is safe for another few years.


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