NaNoWriMo – Day #6

Twenty four hours is a long time in NaNoWriMo.

I had a good day yesterday but it took me quite a while before I got the numbers right and reached the average needed. Today – and bearing in mind I wasn’t able to get any words done before getting to work – I’ve written two hundred more words than yesterday and finished much earlier.

My one thought is that I’m at a point where there is an action chase, and the natural momentum of the storyline reflects on the ability, and speed, to write. And what’s good is that the chase scene/sequence is only about two thirds finished. It’s one of the turning points in the story and really sends it off in a whole new direction and I’m enjoying how it’s going.

So … the current totals for Tiberius Bound is:

  • Previous total – 8,463
  • Today’s total – 1,911
  • New total – 10,374

I’ve broken the ten thousand mark and currently 372 words up on the required minimum. And the momentum of the action sequence makes me think that tomorrow’s quota will be reasonably easy to complete.

Stay tuned for further updates. Hope all other NaNoWriMos out there are having similar fun.


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