NaNoWriMo – Day #13

Unlucky for some? Maybe, but not for me.

Except that I think there’s a conspiracy going on at work to stop me using the computers. Everyone hot-desks and there aren’t enough PCs for everyone to use one at the same time, so most of what I got written at work was done long hand. Having to re-write later on is really ANNOYING.

Still, I managed to do over-minimum again and left it at a point that’s easy to kick off with tomorrow. I also pushed through a tough scene which is crucial for one of the character’s future actions, and I’m really pleased with the result so far.

So … the current totals for Tiberius Bound is:

  • Previous total – 21,858
  • Today’s total – 1,758
  • New total – 23,616

That means I’m up on the required minimum average by 1,945 words. Scheduled Nov 27 finish. Let’s see if I can do it even earlier.


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