NaNoWriMo – Days #15 & #16

Yesterday was a bomb. I had heard that competing in the NaNoWriMo was a gruelling slog and they are not wrong. I think that I’d pushed myself a little too hard trying to get the minimum word count done every day and still do my day job and home life, and I crashed. The sore throat that came on on Wednesday developed into something worse and at one point my voice had gone and breathing wasn’t easy.

It’s still not good but a huge night’s sleep and renewed vigour today meant that I cranked out my best day yet – close on three thousand words. Hopefully, if I take it (physically) easy over the weekend, I’ll be able to do a whole load more and be well up on target.

This writing lark is tough. Let no one tell you otherwise.

So … the current totals for Tiberius Bound is:

  • Previous total – 25,290
  • Thursday’s total – 586
  • Today’s total – 2,880
  • New total – 28,756

That means I’m up on the required minimum average by 2,084 words.


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