NaNoWriMo – Days #17 & #18

The plan to take it easy (physically) over the weekend has paid off. I had a nice and relaxed day yesterday – a bit of shopping and a coffee out late morning – and still managed to crank out a good number of words without too much of a problem. And today has been pretty much the same.

The story is going well but even despite a framework to write by it still has gone off at tangents. That’s what I like about writing. It’s good to have a plan but when the characters choose to do something different then you have to let them and deal with it.

So … the current totals for Tiberius Bound is:

  • Previous total – 28,756
  • Saturday’s total – 2,157
  • Today’s total – 2,204
  • New total – 33,117

That means I’m up on the required minimum average by 3,111 words.


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