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Latest two chapters of ‘Tiberius Found’

As I wrote last week – there are two chapters (14 & 15) of Tiberius Found posted today on Wattpad. Chapter 14 can be viewed here, and 15 here

Don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘vote’ for each chapter.

Hope you all have a great Christmas.

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More ‘Tiberius’ on Wattpad

Your weekly fix of Tiberius Found has just gone up on Wattpad here.
Don’t forget – if you read and like don’t forget to give it a ‘vote’. Next week – as a special for Christmas – there will be two chapters posted.

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Stranger than fiction?

DNAHere in the UK there’s a lot of media coverage today about the new advances in genome mapping and DNA exploration in regard to treating cancers and the like … well …

This is pretty much the backbone of the story behind Tiberius Found. Buy it now and see how the future turns out …

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Promotion is the hardest word

The one thing I’ve found about the publishing side of self-publishing is that it’s the easiest element of the whole escapade – assuming that the story is well edited, formatted, presented and is actually a good story. It’s the promotion of said book that is the issue.

I’ve often equated trying to get your self-pubbed work noticed to like being in a dinghy in the middle of the Pacific and waving a hand. What’s the chance of people actually noticing you? Slim. To none. However, there are options and social media is high on the list. But is Twitter and Facebook enough? Goodreads is … well a good option, as well.

Another alternative is Author Marketing Club which states itself as Book Marketing & Selling Tips for Authors. Their site is pretty slick and with various tools and suggestions for authors to promote their work as well as an established Forum community. I’ve registered and, so far, pretty happy with what I’ve seen.

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NaNoWriMo Roundup

Wow, so the blur that was November’s NaNoWriMo is over.

Everything I had heard about the NaNoWriMo challange was true. It was brutal, easy, infuriating, sleep-depriving and a true marathon. What I found most pertinent was that no matter what you did one day you still needed to deliver the next – and that was an insight into what the life of a professional writer must be like.

The overall stats for the challenge working on Tiberius Bound are:

  • Finished on day – 28
  • Highest day count – 2,880
  • Lowest day count – 299
  • Average count over the 28 days – 1,789

The final result, though, is that I’ve got a damn good building block for a sequel to Tiberius Found but still have work to do – in the region of 25,000 words.

So, would I do it again? Maybe. Probably. Think I’ll have a rest first …

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