Promotion is the hardest word

The one thing I’ve found about the publishing side of self-publishing is that it’s the easiest element of the whole escapade – assuming that the story is well edited, formatted, presented and is actually a good story. It’s the promotion of said book that is the issue.

I’ve often equated trying to get your self-pubbed work noticed to like being in a dinghy in the middle of the Pacific and waving a hand. What’s the chance of people actually noticing you? Slim. To none. However, there are options and social media is high on the list. But is Twitter and Facebook enough? Goodreads is … well a good option, as well.

Another alternative is Author Marketing Club which states itself as Book Marketing & Selling Tips for Authors. Their site is pretty slick and with various tools and suggestions for authors to promote their work as well as an established Forum community. I’ve registered and, so far, pretty happy with what I’ve seen.


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