Writing update

So, it’s been close to two weeks since I finished the first draft of Tiberius Bound and I’ve only briefly gone back and reviewed the opening three chapters – which I wrote way back in late October/early November – and had pretty much forgotten.

A lot was cut, some was added and the majority was buffed (a little) but apart from that I’ve resisted going any further, choosing to wait another couple of weeks before seriously getting into edit-mode.

However, to keep my writerly interest going I revisited my period YA supernatural-adventure Oliver Drummond and the Four Horsemen. I last looked at this several months ago and delved in with eagerness. I’d been re-writing a major plot point which had far-reaching effects on the whole of the story and had come to an impasse: I knew where the story needed to go, just not sure how to get there. But with some months in between viewings the solution became clear; funny how these things can happen.

And now – some news about Tiberius Found. I noticed a few weeks’ ago, in a Tweet by the immensely readable Carole Blake, of the BlakeFriedmann agency, that a new colleague of hers – Tom Witcomb – was open to unsolicited submissions. I duly sent him the first three chapters and today received an email from him asking for the full ms. I know that it doesn’t really mean anything but it’s nice to think he liked the opening. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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