A week is a long time …

A long time in writing, as well as in politics.

In the last week I have

  • Had a full ms read-request from a potential agent I queried
  • Experienced the fastest rejection so far
  • Won a one-line Twitter competition

A few weeks’ ago I heard (via a Tweet from Carole Blake) that Tom Witcomb of BlakeFriedmann was open to unsolicited submissions, and Tiberius Found fell into his catchment area. I duly sent off the usual requirements and promptly forgot. I then received an email from his asking for the full ms. To say I was happy to oblige would be an understatement. I know very well that it may not lead to anything but it’s nice to know that I must be doing something right.

On Sunday I sent the text for a picture book idea, that I’d been working on for a while, (Boris – the pig who wanted to be big) to a highly-regarded children’s publisher. And within three minutes I’d received the “no thanks, not for us” reply. I don’t mind the rejection – heck, we all have to be prepared for that – but it was the speed of the thing which surprised me. Three minutes? Damn.

On Twitter (I’m @agwriting by the way) I saw a post re-tweeted by HarperCollins about a one-line writing comp. They wanted the opening line for a werewolf story and they already had a number of entries one of which I thought was particularly good, but I thought I’d give it a go. I tweeted “Raw meat stuck between teeth didn’t taste as good int he morning as it had last night”. The comp was being judged by Robbie Gibbo (@RobbieGibbo) who deemed my entry to be the winner. Hussah! I’ll be getting some original, signed artwork from LoneWolf as a prize, which should already be in the post.

So, all in all, a rather up-and-down, topsy-turvy, kind of week. Just the usual highs and lows I would expect of writing professionally.

Can’t wait.


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