The pill has been swallowed

For many long years I’ve resisted the need to get my work professionally edited – not through the thought that I didn’t need it but more of the case that a) it was expensive, and b) I knew it would be a bitter pill to swallow. However, the pill has been swallowed.

I first met Cressida Downing – the Book Analyst – at the Writers’ & Artists’ conference last November in London and told myself that I’d give her one of my novels to work on. It just took several months before that happened. I sent her my finished copy of Tiberius Found at the start of May and received her annotated version back a few days ago.

What she had changed made perfect sense and some basic issues she raised I’m amending in my other soon-to-be-published work. It wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be and a process I will certainly follow in the future. Cressida is incredibly busy so it may be with a different Editor but I’m convinced that it’s something we writers need to do.

So pick your own cliche: bite the bullet, swallow the pill, take the leap, and hire an Editor to go through your work.

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