So much for the holiday

I came back from a 10-day holiday in north-eastern Spain on Thursday and decided not to switch the computer on until yesterday morning. Apart from the hundreds of standard emails to wade through – I really should get a phone with European connectivity – I did have one from Tom Witcomb from the BlakeFriedmann Agency.

You may remember that I sent him the full ms for Tiberius Found a while back and sent him a mail not long before going away just to check how he was getting on with it. I knew at the time that the Agency was going through an office move so didn’t really expect an immediate response but he managed to reply a couple of days into the holiday.

Now, my initial thought was that it would be a simple “not for us, thanks” however it was a request for a full series synopsis for the three books, along with a short breakdown for each one so he could see how the series is planned out. Did I have such a thing to hand? No. I didn’t.

So I spent most of yesterday creating a document. Which was fun. Even more so considering that I hadn’t fully worked out the detail of the third and final book. Tiberius Bound has been finished and due for a line edit but Tiberius Crowned was only about 50% worked through, so I had to rough sketch the main points. Thankfully a synopsis only needs the high-level detail but it still took me most of the day to finish a document I was happy with.

I mailed it over to him just before 4pm. Tough gig.

The one good piece of news about Tiberius Crowned is that I wrote the first chapter whilst on holiday, and I’m pretty happy with it. And now with all of the high-level blocking done the rest of it should start to fall into place.


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