Back to the drawing board

So, it’s been a while since I updated everyone on what was happening with Tom Witcomb of Blakefriedmann and Tiberius Found. I’d sent him the series synopsis (synopsii ?) and the break-down for each of the three stories a couple of weeks’ back but, after consideration, he made the decision not to be able to offer representation.


At least it’s the closest I’ve been so maybe that means I’m getting better at this. He said that he really liked the first novel and how the story developed through the other two books but didn’t feel as if he could act as the Agent for them. I’m back in the process of looking for an Agent but plan to drive ahead and re-launch Tiberius with a new cover and marketing very soon.

Tiberius Bound is currently being line-edited by Cressida Downing and my test readers’ have been positive about it, and provided good, constructive feedback.

As they say in Galaxy Quest, “Never give up. Never surrender!”


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