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New cover art finalised …

… for the re-launch of Tiberius Found.


I took the gamble of hiring someone from Fiverr, after reading about the many positive experiences from a number of self-pubbed authors. I did a little research and hired a lady – based in the US – with a high positive feedback score and pretty good T&C’s.

The first cover art she returned was awful. No disrespect to her but it missed the feel and tone of the story by a huge margin and I thought that I’d have to chalk it up to experience. However, she was fully up to do re-work (as her pitch had indicated) and the next version was pretty much what you see above – save for a few tweeks here and there.

She’s also supplying a CreateSpace-friendly version which includes a book spine and back cover – this was an ‘extra’ option I paid for when hiring her. And I’m extremely likely to go with her again when Tiberius Bound – the 2nd part of The Emperor Initiative series – is ready to fully roll-out.

The re-launch for Tiberius Found will be in the next few weeks – in time for Christmas, and all those lovely new e-readers – so keep watching.


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Tiberius Found – the re-vamp

It’s been a while since I first launched Tiberius Found – my YA action/adventure – on the Kindle and Kobo and I’ve been re-working it for a while now with the intention to re-launch the ebook versions and also make it available via Amazon’s CreateSpace service, allowing a physical paperback version to be bought. The novel has undergone an overhaul and been professionally edited by Cressida Downing and will have a new cover image.

The second story in the series – Tiberius Bound – is being edited by Cressida right now and will also be available as an ebook and on CreateSpace

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