Tiberius Found in print

Well, it’s been a long time coming but Tiberius Found has, at last, been published in print form, and can be found here.

I used the CreateSpace service and, like a great many others, found it to be not all that user-friendly. What should be a simple process dragged into may long hours of formatting anguish. I was doing what the software told me to do and yet when the ‘preview’  option started the text was clearly not where I was expecting to be. However, tongue-biting and perseverance prevailed until I eventually managed to manipulate the layout.

I have to say that from that point CreateSpace have been fantastic – sending the proof material etc – and I’m really happy with the end product. I just hope that any and all books that people order are printed with the same care and attention the proof had.

Then came the excitement of formatting the file for the Kindle system. Again, the front-end part is great but the back-end – the nuts-and-bolts side – is not particularly user-friendly owing to the idiosyncrasies the Kindle system has. Conversely, the process of converting the .doc file to an .epub and then uploading it to Kobo was blissfully pain free.

Now I just have to start prepping Tiberius Bound for publication …


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