Praise for ‘Tiberius Found’ when you should be working …


I received a mail today from a chap called Rik Payne after he’d started reading my YA action/adventure Tiberius Found, and I thought I’d share it with you. It’s always nice to get positive feedback but this one felt genuinely heart-felt. It made my day.

WARNING – this does contain some profanity but in a good way …

“Andy, I downloaded some of your short stories a while ago and recently get round to reading them. I enjoyed them, particularly The Regret of Cause and Effect. So I thought I would download Tiberius Found, now I wish I could say I enjoyed it as much as your short stories but I can’t. It’s fucking awesome! It’s a totally cracking read I am only 30% into it and I’m hooked. Well done mate I am going to have to buy Tiberius Bound as soon as I finish this one. Can’t say more at the moment as I am meant to be working, but had to say what a good job I think you have done. Masterly.”

If you haven’t yet given Tiberius a go then why not see why Rik’s so excited and read it for yourself!

Amazon (print) UK: here US: here

Kindle UK: here US: here

Kobo: here



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