‘Tiberius Found’ now available via Smashwords

If I thought formatting for CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) was difficult and frustrating then welcome to the world of Smashwords. Phew. Their easy-to-has formatting guide is, from my perspective, overly complicated and rage-inducing.

Particularly the ‘Table of Contents’ (TOC) issue. Wow. After several hours spent trying to fathom the guide and linking the chapter headings to the TOC list – cue grinding of teeth and venting of swear words – without success I simply googled the problem and lo-and-behold work-around found.

Now, after only a few short minutes the file was accepted and has gone live via the Smashwords system, and available in these formats: epub, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb and txt. I don’t even know what some of them are (lrf?)

You can find the Tiberius Found Smashwords page here.



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2 responses to “‘Tiberius Found’ now available via Smashwords

  1. Joshua Harkin

    I went through the smashwords process awhile ago. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was compared to Kindle Direct Publishing. The strict guideline, while being very detailed, was frustratingly long.

    I too had many problems with the TOC, particularly certain headings not formatting correctly. I eventually got through it all, but ended up taking my work off smashwords, instead opting for Kindle Select.

    It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one who found smashwords frustrating.

  2. apgoodman

    KDP is not without it’s own little idiosyncrasies but I agree that it seems far simpler and easier than Smashwords. My only issue with Kindle Select is the exclusivity. The Amazon reach is huge but the requirements for KS feel just too restrictive to me. How have you found it?

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