2000 AD Future Shocks

images-22000 AD has been at the fore front of UK comics since the late 70s and ranks up there with Marvel and DC in terms of respect and admiration. About a week or so ago I saw a tweet posted for 2000 AD about their Future Shocks shorts, which caught my attention as I’ve been considering comic script writing for a while now. It’s a different medium toeither novel or screenplay writing and I’m always open to new writing challenges. 2000 AD have been including these short stand-alone stories since the early days and big names including Alan Moore have cut their teeth writing them.

2000 AD have an open submission policy regarding their Future Shocks shorts – for both artists and writers – and have very clear guidelines as to how work should be submitted. Personally, I think the artists’ requirements are much more rigid than the writers’: they have a six-page script to draw (choosing from a small selection) with quiet specific criteria. The writers’ can do whatever they want, with the following requirements: a 4-page (between 5-7 panels per page), futuristic story (in existing 2000 AD worlds, or completely made up) with either a sic-fi, horror or fantasy angle, that has a twist at the end. They have some other guidelines regarding speech bubbles and the amount of words per bubble but otherwise it’s pretty relaxed.

Now, that’s the easy part. Thinking up a worthy story with an appropriate twist is an altogether different matter.  And then there’s the blocking it out and determining what goes in each panel. OK,so I managed to do this elements then came the actual writing. With such little text – either in narrative of dialogue – it should be a pretty straight-forward task, right? Wrong. It’s probably been the hardest piece of writing I’ve had to do.

Anyway, the task is now complete, subject to review amendments and I’m pretty happy with the results. I’ll be sending in the submission in the next week or so and will wait to see how they take to it. Who knows …

Their submission page can be seen here.


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