My publishing month – January

ImageJanuary saw the re-launch of Tiberius Found, not only as an ebook but also in a paperback version via Amazon’s sister publishing house CreateSpace. It was a busy start of the year for me but how did it go?

Well, not bad but could have been better. We all say that, don’t we? Even Jo Konrath, I’m guessing and he did around $1m in sales last year. So, how did the breakdown look?





  • I had sales via CreateSpace, which was nice, but not many. I need to push the physical version a little more. If a reader buys the physical book then they can also purchase the ebook (Kindle) for $0.99
  • I had most sales via Amazon Kindle, both in the US and UK – the UK outsold the US by 7:1, so I need to promote more for the US market
  • I didn’t have any sales via Smashwords but the book only went live close to month end so no real surprise there. It’s now been approved for their Premium catalog and been uploaded to most of their re-seller partners – it’s available in the Barnes & Noble ebook store but yet to go live in Apple, Kobo, WHSmith etc but will, hopefully, do so in the weeks to come

This month also saw the launch of my official website – self-built via the WIX system – which, I think looks pretty good, and I have ‘Buy It Now’ buttons for both the paperback and ebook versions. I’ve used the American-based Ganxy provider which allows a variety of eformats to be uploaded – .pdf, .mobi, .epub and .doc – so should allow for pretty much a version suitable with most ereaders. A potential buyer can click on the link and choose whichever format suits them best. The website only went live in the last couple of days, so again no real surprise there haven’t been any sales.

The Facebook page for The Emperor Initiative saw a huge increase in traffic and is growing nicely – I just need to keep the momentum going. I’ve had good support from other self-published authors on the Kindle community boards as well as friends and friends-of-friends. The number of page ‘likes’, as far as I’m aware, plays a massive part in Facebook’s algorithms so if you haven’t ‘liked’ the page yet, then I politely encourage you do so now. I thank you.

Today saw me finish the script text and images to be used for a video production company to make two one-minute videos, which will be uploaded to You Tube as promotional tools. I’ve once more used a company through the Fiverr platform – wunderboxmedia – which has cost me a massive total of £3.14. I had to source all the images, which was a bit of a pain, but for a cost of just over £3 I can hardly complain. I used Angie at pro_ebookcovers through Fiverr for the cover image you see above and was very happy with the result and I’m planning to use them again for the next book, Tiberius Bound. For $25 I got a Kindle version, a CreateSpace version, the .PSD file and a better quality stock image – the grand total? £16.20 Bargain.

The videos should be completed in the next few days, so I’ll let you know how they turn out. Wunderboxmedia have a 100% positive feedback, so I’m pretty hopeful they’ll be what I’m after.


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