Read It Through Another Damn Time, You Idiot!

Well, the four day estimate for wunderboxmedia to supply the trailer videos for Tiberius Found was way off. They sent them back a few hours ago, but I’ve only just downloaded them and watched what they produced. First off, let me say how impressed with these guys – I ordered package 2 – two videos – and they supplied a third, free of charge. Their choice of music and video manipulation was, I think, pretty much spot on. But then I saw the problem…


Or rather the text I supplied them with.

I gave a flow-chart in Excel. I love working in Excel but it’s so easy to make speeling mistkaes spelling mistakes. The only problem was that I rushed the text, read what I expected to read and mailed it off. I’ve requested the changes and am prepared to pay for another gig if need be but it would have been better to not have made the cock-up error in the first place. I’ll let you know what their answer is.


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