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Publication date for “Oliver Drummond and The Four Horsemen”

After a slight delay ‘Oliver Drummond and The Four Horsemen’ has a publication date of 31st October, in both eBook and print formats, exclusively on Amazon.

It’s a period Young Adult action/adventure – set in 1926 – and follows schoolboy Oliver Drummond as he tries to prevent the horseshoes from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from falling into the wrong hands. If he fails then then Horsemen would be unleashed upon the world and under the control of a man hell-bent on dominion.

And sacrifice may be his only option…

With Kindle Direct Publishing’s new pre-order system people can order a Kindle copy now and up to the 31st, and can be seen here (UK site) http://t.co/KXNwSwkbbM If readers in any other territory search for ‘Oliver Drummond’ then they will be able to find the page, and be able to pre-order.



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Tiberius Bound

Tiberius Bound_Kindle versionThe second book in my Emperor Initiative series – Tiberius Bound – is now available as an eBook, priced at a giveaway cut-me-own-throat of $0.99 / £0.99 / €0.99. Available for the Kindle and other multiple eFormats, you can find it via the links below:

This is a darker book than Tiberius Found and does feature elements of torture and swearing.

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Tiberius Found in print

Well, it’s been a long time coming but Tiberius Found has, at last, been published in print form, and can be found here.

I used the CreateSpace service and, like a great many others, found it to be not all that user-friendly. What should be a simple process dragged into may long hours of formatting anguish. I was doing what the software told me to do and yet when the ‘preview’  option started the text was clearly not where I was expecting to be. However, tongue-biting and perseverance prevailed until I eventually managed to manipulate the layout.

I have to say that from that point CreateSpace have been fantastic – sending the proof material etc – and I’m really happy with the end product. I just hope that any and all books that people order are printed with the same care and attention the proof had.

Then came the excitement of formatting the file for the Kindle system. Again, the front-end part is great but the back-end – the nuts-and-bolts side – is not particularly user-friendly owing to the idiosyncrasies the Kindle system has. Conversely, the process of converting the .doc file to an .epub and then uploading it to Kobo was blissfully pain free.

Now I just have to start prepping Tiberius Bound for publication …

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Tiberius Found – the re-vamp

It’s been a while since I first launched Tiberius Found – my YA action/adventure – on the Kindle and Kobo and I’ve been re-working it for a while now with the intention to re-launch the ebook versions and also make it available via Amazon’s CreateSpace service, allowing a physical paperback version to be bought. The novel has undergone an overhaul and been professionally edited by Cressida Downing and will have a new cover image.

The second story in the series – Tiberius Bound – is being edited by Cressida right now and will also be available as an ebook and on CreateSpace

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The final chapter … on Wattpad, at least

The most recent – and final one to be posted on Wattpad – Chapter of Tiberius Found can be found here.


After this Chapter there are just five more remaining in the story and for those that have been following it on Wattpad
who want to

know what happens next and how it all ends then they’ll just have to get their hands on an e-copy.

Yeah, it was a bit of a fishing exercise and I hope it’ll create a number of sales.

Tiberius Found is available in two formats – Kindle and Kobo – and can be found here:


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More ‘Tiberius Found’ on Wattpad

The latest chapter – 19 – of Tiberius Found is now up on Wattpad and can be seen here. It’ll be the penultimate chapter that I’m going to post … so after next week, if you’ve liked what you’ve read so far and want to know how it all ends, you’ll have to buy the eBook – available on Kindle and Kobo – at a very reasonable price: £1.54.

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Kindle freebie

For the next couple of days Joe Konrath (writing as Jack Kilborn) is giving away his horror novel Afraid, for the Kindle.

Joe’s recently re-gained the electronic rights to this novel so to celebrate he’s offering it free for a short period, so get it while it’s hot.

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