Work completed or In Progress

Short Film Scripts

‘The Betrayal’
30 pages;
Hoping to lay WW2 nightmares to rest Peter begins to recount his memories, but betrayal is a hard thing to forgive, or forget.

‘The Right Thing’
13 pages;
Worlds turn in moments of decision. Danny Vaughn thought that not cheating on his wife was the right thing to do.

‘Coffee, Biscuits & Bullets’
10 Pages;
It’s night – is Ronnie Black just hallucinating or is he really being haunted by some of his ‘hits’? And why do the ghosts ask for biscuits with their coffee? Ronnie, however, isn’t the only hitman awake at this time of night.
(Semi-finalist in the Kaos Films BSSC ’09 Competition, as ‘The Hitman’)

‘Selling Sweeney’
10 pages;
Peter Franks (“known as ‘Sweeney’ ‘cos he’s got fingers in all sorts of pies, and a reputation to match Sweeney Todd”) can’t resist a bargain, and £1.35m of vintage wine for a fifth of the price can’t be bad. Shame he’s up against Steve Delaney; a London grifter with a grudge to settle.

9 pages;
A remote dis-used quarry lake should be the ideal spot for some tombstoning fun. That is, until it all goes wrong …

‘Missing In Action’
7 pages;
Making a living as a mercenary can be hard. Sometimes you have to take jobs you’d rather not …

‘Novocaine Will Numb the Pain’
7 pages;
Dentist Stanley Trancer is hiding a secret, and when Elaine Blake begs for an out-of-hours appointment he decides to add to his tally. However, Elaine is hiding a secret of her own …

‘Anti-Thought Crime’
6 pages;
With re-offending rates hitting new highs and prisons over-flowing, is Valperdril the miracle drug its maker says it is? It’s designed to effect the brian and let the criminal feel but is it all it’s proported to be?

‘Spilled Blood’
4 pages;
Discovering that you’re one of the undead can provoke a lot of emotions. For Mortimer Black the strongest one is revenge.

Feature Length / TV Scripts
‘He Came Back’
69 pages;
Sarah takes matters into her own hands to prove that the person responsible for assaulting her as a child is still a free man.

‘Dead Role-Players’ (In Progress)
Feature – Comedy/Horror
A group of Live Action Role-Players inadvertantly summon a real demon. And it’s hungry. Trapped and with dwindling numbers, will any of them make it out alive?

‘The Killing Ground’ (In Progress)
3 1-hr episodes, TV
The first British Muslim PM is assassinated on live TV. An extremist Christian organisation takes responsibility. MI6 Officer Tom Norton finds out that the deeper he digs to discover the truth, the dirtier he gets.


‘Tiberius Found’ – Action/Adventure, YA – 77, 500 words
England, 2028;
On his sixteenth birthday Daniel Henstock’s parents are murdered and he discovers that his life, so far, has been a lie. He’s been genetically engineered and those responsible want him back.

To survive Daniel must run. And run hard. But it was never going to be easy or simple.

When his liberator is captured Daniel returns and puts his life on the line to re-pay the debt.

‘Tiberius Bound
– Action/Adventure, YA – 78,000 words
Daniel Henstock dares to think that his life will return to ‘normal’ – his enemy (as far as he knows) is dead, the shadowy government organisation are no longer looking for him and his relationship with Eleanor is blossoming. But on the evening of the High School Ball Daniel discovers that the peace and quiet he wanted has been shattered. Gregory Dryden is killing off his enemies and Daniel is next on the list.

However Daniel realises – too late – that danger lies much closer to home.

Once again Daniel must fight to not only save himself but also protect those he cares for, and he has to make some difficult decisions along the way.

‘Tiberius Crowned’ – Action/Adventure (in progress)

Daniel has lived happily for two months, away from the attention of the Emperor Initiative, but when Eleanor is kidnapped he decides to end the Initiative once and for all. In his quest he discovers new allies, forges new friendships and unearths how far the Initiative’s reach of power and corruption extends.

Daniel enters the heart of the Initiative’s headquarters knowing the task was far from simple but with Eleanor wanting to know how her father really died, and determined to beat the truth out of Daniel, has she become his greatest enemy?

With his abilities diminishing can Daniel succeed, or will this be one step too far?


‘Oliver Drummond and The Four Horsemen’ – Supernatural Action/Adventure, YA – 77,000 words
England, 1926;
Schoolboy Oliver Drummond has to prevent the horseshoes from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse falling into the wrong hands. Murder, betrayal, ghosts and a girl get in his way.

‘The Trellech Heads’ (Working Title) – Planned Oliver Drummond sequel.
England, 1926;
Oliver investigates the reports of a Wolf-creature prowling the Welsh countryside. What is the connection between the creature and two small carved heads? And has Death come to claim back what Oliver took from him in a Somerset graveyard?

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